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'Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland' is a hard cheese produced in the Western part of Switzerland, with a characteristic taste obtained from the best quality "unpasteurized" milk coming straight from cows grazing on grass. Depending on the age of the cheese, (maturation time between 5 to 18 months), it has more or less character.

'Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland' is produced with the milk of 2800 milk producers, manufactured by 200 cheese makers and sold by 10 refiners.

The name is derived from the region of Gruyère in the Swiss Canton of Fribourg, the historic capital and the site of the medieval castle of the counts of Gruyère. The product was first referred to in the writings of Count Guillaume de Gruyère in 1115, and was first called Gruyère in 1602.

The 'AOC' – Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée – stands for – Certified Origin of Production – and is the recognition label for quality and authenticity delivered by the Swiss Department of Agriculture and recognised by the European Union. French quality wines have been displaying the AOC label for years, but Le Gruyère cheese of Switzerland was the first dairy product to achieve this quality standard in Switzerland in November 2001.

'Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland' totals a yearly production of about 26,000 metric tons, of which 35% is exported all around the world, mainly to Germany, France, United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy, Spain, USA and Canada.

The partnership between 'Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland' and the World Curling Federation began in 2002 and currently has been extended since then to cover up to the 2012 European Championships in Karlstad, Sweden.

To find out more about 'Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland' visit: www.gruyere.com

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