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Löfbergs Lila Arena, Karlstad, Sweden - A Group
7-15 December 2012
Date Local Time CET Draw Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D Sheet E
Fri 7 Dec 1000 Team Meeting: Lföbergs Lila Arena
Practice (10 minutes each sheet)
1130 swe den ita cze rus
1320 ger sco sui fin hun
1800 Opening Ceremony: Löfbergs Lila Arena
Sat 8 Dec 0900-1200 M1 FRA v HUN DEN v GER* SUI v SWE* RUS v NOR SCO v CZE
1400-1700 w1 swe v den ita v cze* rus v ger* sco v sui fin v hun
1900-2200 M2 NOR v SUI SWE v HUN CZE v FRA GER v SCO DEN v RUS
Sun 9 Dec 0800-1100 w2 sui v rus ger v den hun v swe cze v fin ita v sco
1200-1500 M3 GER v CZE SCO v RUS DEN v NOR SUI v HUN FRA v SWE
1600-1900 w3 cze v hun fin v sco ita v sui rus v den swe v ger
2000-2300 M4 SCO v DEN FRA v SUI GER v RUS SWE v CZE HUN v NOR
Mon 10 Dec 0900-1200 w4 fin v ita swe v rus cze v sco ger v hun den v sui
1400-1700 M5 RUS v FRA* NOR v SCO* HUN v CZE* DEN v SUI SWE v GER
1900-2200 w5 sco v swe * sui v fin* den v hun* ita v rus ger v cze
Tue 11 Dec 0800-1100 M6 CZE v NOR RUS v SWE FRA v DEN HUN v GER SUI v SCO
1200-1500 w6 hun v sui sco v ger swe v ita den v cze rus v fin
1600-1900 M7 DEN v SWE SUI v CZE NOR v GER SCO v FRA RUS v HUN
2000-2300 w7 ita v ger rus v hun sui v cze fin v swe sco v den
Wed 12 Dec 0900-1200 M8 SUI v GER HUN v DEN SWE v SCO CZE v RUS NOR v FRA
1400-1700 w8 rus v cze den v ita ger v fin hun v sco sui v swe
1900-2200 M9 HUN v SCO GER v FRA RUS v SUI NOR v SWE CZE v DEN
Thu 13 Dec 0800-1100 w9 den v fin cze v swe sco v rus sui v ger hun v ita
2000-2300 3v4 M Playoff 1v2 M Playoff World Ch TB 4th Place TB
NOR v DEN SWE v CZE ger v cze den v sui
Fri 14 Dec 1300-1600 Semi M Semifinal
PO W 1v2 Playoff swe v sco
PO W 3v4 Playoff: Rus v _______
2000-2300 Semi W Semifinal
Bronze M Bronze
WCG M World Challenge: FRA v winner of B Group
WCG W World Challenge: winner of World Ch TB v winner of B Group
Sat 15 Dec 1000-1300 Final W Gold
Bronze W Bronze (09:30 Start)
1500-1800 Final M Gold
after final Medal Ceremony
1. Games marked* require a toss for first/second practice
2. WCG = World Challenge Games 13.12.2012

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